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How To Identify Human Hair And Synthetic Hair?

Have you ever received an alternative hairpiece, such as a hair topper or a wig, but weren't sure if it was human or synthetic? Or have you ever wondered if the product is a mix of human and synthetic hair?

Keep reading, let's explore how to identify human and synthetic hair. When you receive the wig and don't know what material it is, you can tell it through the following methods.


1)Texture and Shine

Human hair boasts a natural texture that sets it apart from synthetic hair. It displays subtle variations in strand thickness, slight waviness, or natural curls, depending on the individual's hair type. These unique characteristics create an authentic, organic look that closely resembles natural hair.

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, tends to have a smoother and shinier appearance. The synthetic fibers' sleekness contributes to the hair's overall luster, giving it a polished and glossy finish. Some customers think this hair type looks fake due to its unnatural shiness.


2)Burn Test

Choose a small strand of hair and burn it. If the hair is 100% human, it will smell like a barbecue and the ashes can be twisted into powder; if not, it will smell like plastic and the ashes will stay as a caking.

Here is a tutorial video about the burn test:

Burn Test



That is very obvious: with the same style and length, Human hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic ones. Therefore, if your human hair wig is relatively cheap, you may need to consider whether it is blended with synthetic fiber or if the hair that was collected is of a healthy quality.


4)Tangle Test

Synthetic hair tends to tangle more easily than real human hair. To test for tangles, run your fingers through your hair and if it tangles easily, it's most likely synthetic. When you get a wig with very long hair, if you comb the hair with your fingers, you may find that the ends of the hair cannot be combed. Such products are more likely to be synthetic fiber wigs.


5)Water Test

A water test is another way to identify human hair from synthetic fiber hair. Wet the hair and run your fingers through it. Human hair will feel soft and smooth, whereas synthetic fiber hair will feel rough and coarse.


In conclusion, there are several ways to identify human hair and synthetic fiber hair. Remember that human hair is more expensive but looks and feels more natural, while synthetic fiber hair is more affordable but may lack the same natural appearance and feel. If you want to help synthetic fiber hair look more natural you can spray it down with some texture powder to lessen the shiny texture.

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